Bret Belyea founded Grain Landscape Architecture in 2015 after working for landscape contractors and landscape architects over the past 15 years.  

Bret has extensive experience in the landscape profession working with clients, general contractors, landscape contractors and architects.  Specializing in residential landscape architecture, Bret has designed gardens for clients along the coast of California, from Sebastopol to San Diego.  

Bret feels that the style of the landscape should reflect the architecture of the home it surrounds as well as the client's desires.  Each project reflects these unique aspects in one way or another.  

Bret lives with his Wife and two children in Encinitas, Ca.  


Each design project has it's own goals, requirements, and challenges.  Accordingly, the pricing for each project is determined after Bret is able to find out exactly what is required to reach the end goal of a successful project.  Some projects require a conceptual design only; while others need irrigation plans, details, California Water Ordinance plans/ paperwork, etc.  Once the full scope of a project is understood, an appropriate proposal can be sent.


Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries, I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank You.

Bret Belyea

CA LA #6084, WA LA #1325